Building a healthy brain

Through gamification A.I. we can make Learning and Keeping the mind active a fun experience


Brain health wellness

Games for a healthy mind

Videogames for K1 - K12

School platform with thousands of games with personalized challenges

Unique AI Algorithm

Custom made AI engine that gives the best learning experience


About Lighted Play

The Lighted Play team develops technology that provides active learning and assessment by means of gamification with pedagogical quality. In particular, it creates tools to measure specific skills rather than just comparing users' scores; two users with the same score do not necessarily have the same skills and knowledge.

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About Zinapziz

- Through gamification A.I. we can make mental jogging a fun experience

Zinapziz is an adaptive platform that uses AI and videogames to identify the cognitive skills of elderly people, preventing dementia by having an active brain that keeps them challenged and engaged at the same time. All usable in mobile platforms and web browsers.


About Zoombers

Zoombers is a mobile and web video game, artificial intelligence and adaptive learning platform that allows students to advance at their own pace, close educational gaps, motivate for constant learning, help them create critical and creative thinking, compete and collaborate and mostly, understand Math and remove their fear from them.

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Mini Games

Hundreds of fun videogames for K-1 to K-12. Avatars, daily challenges, rewards, power ups and much more!

School Platform

Easy to use tools that make very simple the administration of assignments, grades and reports for teachers and principals alike.


Play with o against classmates or kids from other schools!. Measure skill level against students around the world.

Progress Reports

A very comprehensive suite of reports that helps teachers identify students strengths and weakness.

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Remember how daunting math class was? Explore our take on math in this video!


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