About Zoombers

Zoombers is the perfect learning platform for math and logic through fun minigames integrated with A.I. that helps achieve all your potential.



Mobile App with hundreds of games for kids to play and improve math. Self contained and guided curricula for kids on home or as a practice aid for school. All content is catered by our experts for a safe and awesome experience.



School platform with automated assignments, reports, grades and a complete skill map of each student. Very easy to use tools for teachers and a exciting and fun experience for the student.



World wide / local collaborative and competitive gameplay. Get to know your world ranking and challenge your best friend to a math battle. All within a safe environment.


Miss GabylĂș

Noyola Institute, Tlaxcala, Mexico. CEO

We knew Zoombers before the pandemic and we were very pleased, but we never imagined how useful it would become for us. Its very important to reach to young kids to get to like math so that when they become grown ups and are deciding what carrier they should study they don't shy away from a path that has math involved just because it has math.


Miss Laura

La Salle Seglares, Mexico city, Mexico. Teacher

Nowadays kids are very used to all things digital so they understand perfectly this new language. Before starting to learn something new we must establish a framework of confidence and empathy, once establish they are sure to understand. As a teacher with Zoombers you can view the individual progress of each student, in the classroom sometimes this is difficult to pinpoint the shortcomings, but here this is automatic. Kids enter my classroom excited because they know that they are going to be playing with Zoombers.


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